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Monthly Contact Lenses

Monthly contact lenses can be re-used for up to 30 consecutive days, making them a more affordable and environmentally-friendly alternative to disposable lenses. Monthlies are typically slightly thicker than daily lenses to provide comfortable wear and clearer vision over longer periods. They can be purchased in a variety of prescriptions for long or short-sightedness and other visual issues.

What are the Benefits of Monthly Contact Lenses?

Monthly lenses are great for people who wear contact lenses on a regular basis, as they provide a whole month’s worth of wear with just one pair of lenses. This makes them an economic option and also provides more practicality than glasses. Monthlies function perfectly for 30 days from the first day you wear them, whether you wear them every day or just from time to time throughout the month.

But after 30 days, they need to be disposed of as protein deposits and debris can cause infections and inflammation if you continue to wear them after this point. What’s more, the lens itself will begin to deteriorate from the first day of wear.

Silicone hydrogel lenses, such as Biofinity or Acuvue, are a perfect option for people who suffer with dry eyes, as they retain moisture well and have a higher gas permeability. These lenses allow over five times the amount of oxygen to pass through the lens compared to other materials. People with astigmatism may find a toric lens more suitable. Most brands offer options to suit different eye conditions for the best visibility and comfort. We stock a great selection of lenses for different vision problems, from myopia to astigmatism, from top brands such as Biofinity, Proclear and PureVision2.

Can You Switch from Dailies to Monthlies?

Even if both versions of your lenses are the same brand, you will still need to check with your optician that the fit is correct if you’re switching between daily and monthly lenses. Lens types vary to suit different purposes and the type you want to switch to might not necessarily be suitable for you. Not only does the dioptre number need to be exact but your optician also needs to measure other values such as the diameter and the matching curvature.

Choosing the Right Lenses

There are a few considerations to think about when you’re choosing the right type of lenses for your needs. These include how much you’re willing to spend each month and the ease of use – are you someone who has the time for a thorough and strict cleaning process each time you wear your lenses? Do you wear your lenses for long periods of time, such as for work? If you have sensitive or dry eyes, you also want to choose lenses that combat these issues with increased hydration and breathability.

People who are eco-conscious may prefer monthly lenses to minimise on the waste produced by their contacts each month. It’s also worth thinking about the aspects that are most important to you, such as clarity. Once you know the answers to these questions, you’ll be better equipped to choose the right lenses for your needs.

Types of Monthly Contact Lenses

Monthly lenses are most suitable for people who wear their lenses regularly, as they provide the most cost-effective and convenient solution. If you’re someone who wears contact lenses just on occasion, disposables are probably a better choice. Good quality lens brands retain plenty of moisture to stop the eyes feeling dry and irritated after long periods of wear and also allow oxygen to pass through, keeping your eyes healthy.

Monthly lenses can be used for a number of vision problems, including:

Myopia and Hyperopia – Monthly lenses are great for easily treating short-sightedness which makes seeing objects in the distance more difficult. Long-sightedness makes focusing on close objects difficult, which monthly contact lenses can help to resolve. The top features these lenses need to have is excellent clarity and moisture retention so they can be worn for long periods of time without becoming uncomfortable. Proclear lenses from CooperVision can be work for over 12 hours of continuous wear while staying hydrating.

Astigmatism – People with astigmatism find that their vision is blurred because their eyes are not perfectly round which can make standard lenses an unreliable fit. In addition to vision problems, it can also cause discomfort in some cases. Toric lenses are the most suitable solution for astigmatism as they fit the eye more securely. The PureVision2 lenses, for example, are specifically designed to cater for people with astigmatism, with thinner lenses that offer better comfort and breathability as well as clear vision through aspheric optics.

Presbyopia – Presbyopia is an age-related condition and older people often find that their eyes struggle to adapt their focus for different distances which can make both faraway and close objects appear blurry. Multifocal lenses alleviate this problem and are available as monthlies, as they allow the individual to focus at all ranges. Lenses such as the Biofinity Multifocal contact Lenses have dual Aquaform Comfort Science Technology and Balance Progressive Technology which delivers the best clarity and comfort in one package. They can also be worn as extended wear lenses, for up to six nights and seven days, for added convenience if your optician deems your prescription suitable.

How to Care for Monthly Lenses

Unlike daily lenses, monthlies require some upkeep to ensure they stay clean and hygienic. To use monthly lenses properly, they need to be removed each night before you go to sleep and cleaned in fresh solution, as debris and bacteria can build up on the surface of the lens during the day. However, the process for cleaning and storing lenses is quick and easy.

Begin by placing the lens in the centre of your palm and adding a small amount of saline solution to the lens, rubbing it with your finger to clean the surface. Do this gently so as not to tear the lens and make sure your hands are thoroughly clean before touching your eyes or the lenses. The lenses can then be stored in a clean contact lens case in fresh solution overnight, ready for wearing again in the morning.

Check that the solution you’re using is appropriate for your lenses – multi-purpose contact lens solution is normally the most convenient and affordable as it can be used to rinse, sterilise and store your contacts. Caring for your lenses properly will ensure you get the most wear out of them over the course of the month.

Popular Monthly Lenses

Air Optix Aqua

These lenses are made from silicone hydrogel which delivers comfort all day and brilliant levels of breathability to promote good retina health in the long term. They have TriComfort technology that reduces build-up on the lens too.


Created by CooperVision, Biofinity are one of the best-known lens manufacturers. These lenses have innovative technology that keeps them moist on the eyes. They also resist protein deposits which can lead to discomfort by the end of the day, so they’re ideal for people who wear their lenses for long periods.

Clariti XR Toric

Award-winning and technically advanced, the Clairiti toric lenses are made from silicone hydrogel and have AquaGen Technology that enables them to absorb water, so they don’t dry out over time.

Proclear Multifocal

Proclear’s latest lenses are designed to deliver optimal clarity for all ranges and also provide a more natural vision experience than some other brands of multifocal lenses. The unique CooperVision PC Technology binds with water that allows the lenses to stay up to 90% hydrated after 12 hours of wear, making them perfect for people with drier eyes.

Air Optix for Astigmatism

Made from advanced materials for fantastic levels of breathability, these lenses have been treated with plasma to minimise protein build-up for increased comfort. They have a great design that fits the shape of your eye after you’ve inserted them for a secure fit throughout the day.

At pureoptical.co.uk we supply the well known assured brands.  AcuvueBiofinityProclear, Acuvue, Air Optix, & Clarity. All are ISO and CE approved, exactly the same as supplied by your optician and from the same suppliers based in the UK.  Buy from Pure Optical and save money each month when compared with High Street prices for the identical product. FREE delivery available.

DELIVERY - FREE 1st Class Postal delivery available to your door. Boxes fit through a standard le..
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DELIVERY - FREE 1st Class Postal delivery available to your door. Boxes fit through a standard le..
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Proclear contact lenses from CooperVision provide all day comfort combined with excellent visual ..
Ex Tax: £0.00
Proclear Toric lenses are manufactured by CooperVision specifically for those who suffer from an ..
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Proclear Toric XR lenses provide monthly wear benefits to those patients who have a more acute as..
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PureVision2 lenses deliver crisp clear vision while using digital devices particularly in low lig..
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PureVision2 lenses deliver crisp clear vision while using digital devices particularly in low lig..
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DELIVERY - FREE 1st Class Postal delivery available to your door. Boxes fit through a standard le..
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Air Optix Aqua are a monthly disposable lens from Ciba/Alcon.  They are produced from silico..
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Award winning Clariti ™XR Toric frequent replacement astigmatic contact lenses are made by Sauflo..
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