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Freshlook One Day Colour - Pure Hazel (10 Lenses)

Freshlook One Day Colour - Pure Hazel (10 Lenses)

Freshlook One Day coloured contact lenses successfully add a fun twist to everyday lens wearing. They are designed to enhance your natural eye colour and contain a unique starburst design to add extra definition. These lenses can be worn by both prescription and non-prescription wearers; simply set the power to 0.00 if you require no vision correction.

These are daily contact lenses for single use, so make sure you replace them each day. They are comfortable to wear and easy to fit, even if you’re not particularly used to wearing contact lenses.

Freshlook One Day are manufactured by Alcon, the world-famous contact lens providers. With this in mind, you know you'll receive nothing short of a comfortable experience when wearing these lenses.

This stunning Pure Hazel shade is ideal for those with brown eyes. These will lighten the darker parts of your eyes without looking too overpowering or artificial.

Freshlook One Day are also available in Blue, Green, and Grey. For best results, use the shade which matches your natural eye colour the most.

More Information
ManufacturerCIBA Vision - Alcon
Material69% Water + 31% Nelfilcon A
Type of lensDaily Disposable
Handling TintNo
UV-A/UV-B protectionNo
Usage instructionsDaily wear
Contents10 lenses per box

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