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Clariti XR Toric (3 lenses)

Clariti XR Toric (3 lenses)

Award-winning Clariti ™XR Toric frequent replacement astigmatic contact lenses are made by Sauflon from technically advanced silicone hydrogel.  This material is the most breathable of all the materials used to manufacture lenses.  It is this breathability which ensures that your eyes stay healthy by allowing the maximum amount of oxygen to pass through to your eye. Sauflon's AquaGen™ contact lens Technology is incorporated in these lenses which allows the lenses to absorb water more readily ensuring that your contact lenses remain comfortable over long periods of time.

Clariti™ XR Toric contact lenses feature UV-A and UV-B filters to help protect your eyes from harmful radiation again promoting long term eyes health.  Sunglasses are still recommended, however.

More Information
MaterialFilcon ll 3
Type of lensFrequent Replacement Toric
Handling TintYes
UV-A/UV-B protectionYes
Usage instructionsReplace every month
Contents3 lenses per box

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