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Clariti XR Toric (3 lenses)

Clariti XR Toric (3 lenses)

Clariti XR Toric lenses are monthly disposable contacts that are tailor-made for those with high astigmatism. These lenses are manufactured by CooperVision, the world’s leading contact lens manufacturer.

Type of Lens

Clariti Toric XR contact lenses are monthly disposables, meaning they can be worn for up to 30 days before being disposed of. They will last for the full 30 days providing that you keep up with a daily care routine and take extra caution when handling the lenses.

Who Are These Suitable For?

  • Those with high astigmatism
  • Those with active lifestyles
  • Those who prefer to wear monthly contact lenses

Key Features and Benefits

  • Tailor-made for high astigmatism
  • Made from silicone hydrogel
  • AquaGen technology
  • UV-A and UV-B filters

Clariti Toric XR lenses are so popular due to the fact that they are tailor-made. Those with high astigmatism often struggle to find lenses to suit their needs, but thanks to Clariti Toric XR, absolutely anyone can now enjoy the convenience that contacts bring.

These lenses are made from silicone hydrogel; an incredibly soft material that is often found in modern-day lenses. Silicone hydrogel has an exceptionally high water content, making it ideal for those with dry eyes.

Speaking of dry eyes, the unique AquaGen technology found in these lenses is another contributor as to why they are so hydrating. AquaGen technology allows water molecules to bind with the lens, keeping it moist all day long. This stops the lens from sticking to your eye and getting uncomfortable.

Another great feature of Clariti XR Toric contact lenses is the UV filter. These lenses contain one of the most advanced UV filters around, ensuring your eyes stay protected from sun rays.

Additional Information

There has never been a better solution to correcting high astigmatism. Clariti XR Toric lenses are produced specifically for each patient so please allow up to 20 days for dispatch. This gives CooperVision the time to create your lenses, ensuring that they match your prescription perfectly.

Alternative Lenses

If you do not require correction for an exceptionally high astigmatism, consider checking out standard Clariti Toric lenses instead. They bring all of the same amazing benefits to the table but are not tailor-made.


More Information
MaterialFilcon ll 3
Type of lensFrequent Replacement Toric
Handling TintYes
UV-A/UV-B protectionYes
Usage instructionsReplace every month
Contents3 lenses per box

Customer reviews


1 reviews

  1. Crisp, clear, comfortable

    If you have high astigmatism and struggle to find comfortable lenses, stop searching around and get some of these lenses! The best lens experience I've ever had - comfortable, never dry out, stable on the eyes... everything you need from lenses and more!

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