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Clariti Toric (3 Lenses)

Clariti Toric Contact Lenses - front of the box
Clariti Toric Contact Lenses - front of the box Clariti Toric Contact Lenses - Prescription view Clariti Toric Contact Lenses - lens packaging

Clariti Toric (3 Lenses)

Clariti® Toric monthly contact lenses are now manufactured by CooperVision specifically for those who suffer from astigmatism.  CooperVision manufacture these contact lenses from silicone hydrogel which not only provides excellent all day wearer comfort but in addition allows the highest levels of oxygen to pass through to your cornea ensuring the best possible eye health.  The unique aspheric design offers clear all day vision whilst the patented AquaGen®  technology ensures your eyes stay comfortably moisturised throughout the day.  In addition, the special aspheric back surface optimises the lens position on the eye again aiding visual clarity.  Clariti® Toric contact lenses come with UVA and UVB filters to help protect your eyes from harmful radiation.  Sunglasses are still recommended however.
More Information
MaterialFilcon A
Type of lensMonthly Disposable Toric
Handling TintYes
UV-A/UV-B protectionYes
Usage instructionsReplace as instructed
Contents3 lenses per box

Customer reviews


4 reviews

  1. Wish Optician had recommended sooner

    My first time trying daily lenses and my only regret is that I didn't use them sooner. Everything is a lot less hassle now that I don't have cleaning routine to keep up with and my eyes feel so much fresher every day.
  2. Didn't even need eye drops

    I wore these lenses every day during the blazing hot summer and didn't even need to use eye drops! These are my new favourite daily lenses and I can't see myself ever changing to another brand. Incredibly hydrating and perfect for wearing all day long.
  3. Breathable = great

    I always thought 'breathable' lenses were a myth until I started wearing Clariti Toric. You won't even notice you're wearing these contacts - they're so soft and tick all of the right boxes.
  4. Long hours

    I work long hours at my job and it's such a struggle finding contact lenses that don't start to irritate my eyes towards the end of a shift. I can wear these all day long without any issues, it's great. Most comfortable lenses I've ever worn

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