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Myday Contact Lenses

MyDay contact lenses are daily disposables manufactured by CooperVision. Made from Smart Silicone Technology to allow more room for moisture, these lenses are some of the most advanced to date. Wearers of MyDay daily disposable lenses immediately notice the outstanding levels of clarity and moisture, allowing a comfortable wearing experience all day long. Explore below to shop standard MyDay Daily lenses and MyDay Toric lenses.

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About MyDay Contact Lenses

MyDay contact lenses, produced by CooperVision, are a leading brand of lenses which provide a superior wearing experience and crisp clarity of vision. Studies show that MyDay lenses are one of the preferred brands for contact lens wearers. As daily disposable lenses, they’re a convenient option that means you can simply throw your lenses away after each wear without needing to worry about cleaning or storing them in between wears. They use innovative technology to provide high levels of hydration and comfort for people with sensitive or dry eyes.

Explore the MyDay family

MyDay – The MyDay lenses provide clear, crisp vision with incredible levels of comfort and are ideal for people with sensitive eyes. These disposable lenses are made from a super soft silicone hydrogel which keeps them comfortable all day long and ensures you have the clearest vision possible. They’re great for people with dry eyes too, with Aquaform Technology which helps the lenses stay soft and hydrated, reducing irritation and redness in the eyes. With UV blocking and breathability, they’re also well suited to people with active lifestyles. These soft, breathable lenses are incredibly comfortable to wear and keep the eyes feeling fresh and bright all day long. 

Explore the MyDay contact lenses

MyDay Toric – MyDay Toric lenses are daily disposable lenses designed for people with astigmatism. They are well suited for people who have sensitive eyes and want a comfortable lens without the commitment of a cleaning routine. Made with Smart Silicone Chemistry, they offer a breathable lens with incredible levels of comfort. 

MyDay Mutlifocals – These multifocal lenses make it easier for people with presbyopia to transition between different distances without interruption, avoiding blurred vision and dizziness. They offer the freedom from glasses with the convenience of a disposable lens for the best of both worlds, and provide excellent breathability for healthier and more comfortable eyes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes MyDay so popular?

MyDay lenses are popular for their high comfort levels and great vision quality. Designed with Smart Silicone, which combines the best features of hydrogel lenses with the best of silicone hydrogel, they are renowned for their ability to stay comfortable throughout the day and retain crisp vision from morning until night. They are made using a highly breathable material which helps the eyes retain moisture all day long and they also benefit from UV blocking which protects the eyes from harmful UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays – perfect for people who spend large amounts of time outdoors. 

MyDay lenses have a high water content which is great for sensitive eyes, and the range also comes in Toric and Multifocal lenses which are designed specifically for people with astigmatism and presbyopia. With these lenses you get the benefit of a soft and comfortable, hydrating lens with all the corrective powers needed for these types of vision problems. They provide a secure fit on the eye and have high oxygen permeability which keeps the eyes fresh and healthy.

Who makes MyDay contact lenses?

MyDay lenses are produced by CooperVision, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of contact lenses and specialist eye care products. CooperVision are a renowned company around the world for their wide array of ground-breaking designs and advanced lens features, from Digital Zone Optics to the world’s first 1 day silicone hydrogel collection of lenses, and so much more besides. 

CooperVision produces some of the most popular lenses on the market, not only MyDay but also Biofinity lenses and Clariti 1 Day disposable lenses. Their range of contact lenses are tailored to complex prescriptions, providing innovative and comfortable eye care solutions for millions of patients to help people to see clearer every day, regardless of their prescription needs. CooperVision have helped to improve the vision of people around the world and they’re a trusted brand in the contact lens industry, ensuring high quality every time.

Why use MyDay contact lenses?

MyDay lenses are made using a specific type of silicone hydrogel called Stenfilcon a, which provides higher levels of breathability to help more oxygen reach the eyes. This not only ensures that your lenses are more comfortable to wear but it also creates healthier eyes too. The Smart Silicone further enhances the wearers comfort for a contact lens experience like no other on the market. The Smart Silicone technology helps the eyes to retain their moisture and also provides crisper vision. 

These lenses use an advanced Aberration Neutralising System which smooths the surface of the lens and delivers a rounded edge so they feel more comfortable and natural while you’re wearing them. So many people agree that MyDay lenses are incredibly comfortable to wear and there are options to suit more specific vision issues, such as astigmatism and presbyopia too.

How much do MyDay contact lenses cost?

MyDay lenses range from £17 for 30 lenses, which is a month’s supply, to £21 for 30 toric lenses which are a specialist lens for people with astigmatism. The cost will vary depending on the type of lens you choose and the quantity. Daily disposable lenses are slightly more expensive than bi-weekly or monthly lenses, as you’re ordering a larger quantity, but they offer more convenience and are a hygienic option as you will be wearing a fresh pair of lenses every day. There’s no need to worry about buying contact lens solution either, as each pair comes in its own blister pack and can be disposed of after each wear.

Can I buy MyDay contact lenses online?

Yes, buying your MyDay lenses online is easy, affordable and convenient. It saves you time from standing around in queues at your local opticians or pharmacy, waiting to collect lenses in person, and it can also be more affordable too. By ordering your lenses online, you have the option to reorder quickly when you’re running low on lenses and they’ll be delivered to your door in a matter of days. All you need to do is choose the lenses you need, using our navigation bar, and enter your prescription and delivery address. We’ll post out your lenses in a few days and they’ll arrive at your door ready for you to wear and enjoy.

How do I care for MyDay contact lenses?

Since the primary benefit of daily disposable lenses is that you don’t need to clean them, MyDay lenses are incredibly easy to care for. After you’ve finished wearing a pair of MyDay lenses, you simply throw the lenses away after and open up a new blister pack the next time you want to wear your lenses. The advantage of this is that it keeps your lenses fresh and clean for every wear and minimises the risk of an eye infection, as well as being a convenient solution if you’re someone who travels a lot as you don’t need to take contact lens solution and containers with you on the go. Your lenses are stored in blister packs that keep them submerged in saline solution so they’re always clean and hydrating, ready to wear every day. 

You won’t receive instructions on how to care for and store your MyDay lenses as it isn’t required with this type of contact lens. However, as best practice, you should always ensure that your hands are thoroughly clean and dry before inserting or removing your lenses or touching your eyes to avoid transferring dirt or bacteria to the sensitive eye area. You should also ensure you never re-wear your contact lenses, as disposables are only intended for a single wear.

What alternative brands are there?

If you are unsure if MyDay lenses are right for you, don’t panic – there are plenty of alternatives to try instead that may be better suited to your needs. 

1 Day Acuvue Moist lenses are a popular option as they are easy to insert and remove, and they provide lasting hydration as well as UV protection throughout the day. Acuvue lenses are a great lens for people with active lifestyles, as they protect against harmful sun rays and the LACREON technology provides a layer of moisture to keep the lenses comfortable to wear all day long – perfect if you work in an area with air conditioning which can dry the eyes. 

Clariti 1 Day lenses are also comfortable to wear and offer the same convenience as MyDay lenses. They are made from silicone hydrogel which allows for higher levels of oxygen to reach the eyes to keep them healthy. These lenses also have WetLoc technology to keep your eyes hydrated throughout the day. 

If you’re new to wearing lenses or new to the idea of disposable lenses, it may be worth speaking to your optician to discuss the different options and to check whether daily disposable lenses are the right option for you and your lifestyle. These types of lenses are well suited to anyone who doesn’t want to have to worry about cleaning and storing their contact lenses, or for people who lead active lifestyles and want the convenience that disposables provide.

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