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FreshLook Contact Lenses

FreshLook coloured contact lenses have been designed by Ciba Vision to put the 'fun' back into contact lens wearing. The whole range of FreshLook colours can be worn by both prescription and non-prescription wearers, allowing absolutely anyone to enhance their natural eye colour and play around with a new, fresh, look. From the popular daily disposable lenses - Freshlook Dailies - to the FreshLook Illuminate monthly lenses, shop the range below to find your perfect shade.

Say Hello To FreshLook One Day Lenses

FreshLook One Day Colour contact lenses have taken the world by storm, proving that coloured contact lenses aren’t just for Halloween. These daily disposable lenses aren’t like other cheap cosmetic lenses - you can expect the same levels of comfort and clarity that you would from traditional lenses without colour.

Featuring highly commended Dailies technology, FreshLook One Day contact lenses will add a new level of excitement to your look without breaking the bank.

FreshLook Dailies Colours

Whether you want to try out a whole new colour or simply enhance your natural eyes, FreshLook contacts will meet all of your desires. From FreshLook Grey to FreshLook Hazel, there's a colour for everyone. Stunning shades of blue and green are also available here at Pure Optical. The choice is completely yours.

No Prescription? No Problem!

The great thing about FreshLook contacts is that they’re accessible to absolutely anyone. If you don’t require vision correction, simply set the power to 0.00 when purchasing. Avoid purchasing lenses from unreliable suppliers and shop with confidence through a brand you can trust, instead.

Buy FreshLook Contacts Online

FreshLook colours are available to purchase at just the click of a button. Browse through the range of colours below to find your perfect match. Once ordered, our contact lens specialists will get to work on delivering your coloured contact lenses right to your doorstep.