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Dailies Contact Lenses

Manufactured by Ciba Vision and Alcon, Dailies are one of the most popular contact lens brands in Great Britain. The whole Dailies range focuses on daily disposable lenses, with convenience and comfort being a top priority. From Dailies AquaComfort Plus to Dailies TOTAL 1, Pure Optical has all you need, at a low price.

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About Dailies Contact Lenses

Dailies are one of the most popular daily contact lenses in the UK, and with good reason. Comfortable, with exceptional levels of clarity, Dailies are made by the leading contact lens manufacturer Alcon/Ciba Vision and are a convenient solution for contact lens wearers. Dailies allow for a higher level of hygiene and lower levels of maintenance, and suit all prescriptions. Whichever form of Dailies lenses you choose, you can guarantee complete comfort and convenience at all times.

Explore the Dailies family

Dailies AquaComfort – AquaComfort lenses are designed with blink-activated technology which makes them incredibly hydrating and comfortable to wear for up to 12 hours a day. They’re made from an incredibly thin material that not only improves the comfort levels for the wearer but also encourages breathability for better vision and healthier eyes. 

Dailies Total 1 – The Total 1 range is perfect for contact lens wearers with drier eyes. These lenses are designed to have a higher water content to retain moisture across the surface of the lens and providing a more comfortable wear for longer. They allow for more oxygen to flow through the surface to the eye to keep them healthy and feeling fresh. 

Focus Dailies – Focus Dailies are made from a flexible silicone hydrogel which makes them easier to insert and allows for greater levels of comfort throughout the day. The Blink-activated technology replicates the natural moisture of the eyes and prevents protein build-ups. 

Explore Dailies contact lenses

Multifocal – Dailies Multifocal lenses are designed for people with presbyopia, enabling them to see at varying distances with uninterrupted vision and seamless movement. The Precision Profile design provides a smooth transition between distances while the Blink-activated technology increases hydration for added comfort. 

Toric – Toric lenses are designed for astigmatic contact lens wearers, providing a stable fit and the added convenience of being a daily disposable. The Lightstream technology provides a smoother surface for additional comfort and a secure fit while the Blink-activated technology releases moisture each time you blink.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Dailies so popular?

Dailies are one of the most popular disposable contact lenses on the market, thanks to their innovative design that allows for the greatest level of comfort possible. Dailies have Blink-activated moisture technology which releases small amounts of moisture onto the surface of the lens each time you blink to mimic the how the eyes work naturally, keeping your eyes comfortable and healthy throughout the day. Dailies are also made with a Precision Profile design that allows for seamless movement and uninterrupted vision. 

As leaders in the industry, Alcon/Ciba Vision create the most comfortable and advanced lenses for minimal distractions for the wearer and reduced irritation, even when the lenses are worn for long periods of time. Comfortable to wear and more hygienic than reusable lenses, it’s no surprise that Dailies are one of the most popular options with contact lens wearers today.

Who makes Dailies contact lenses?

Dailies contact lens are made by Alcon/Ciba Vision, global leaders in eye care with over 75 years experience in the industry. They are one of the largest eye care device companies in the world, with businesses in surgical and vision care. Alcon is a global company with offices and manufacturing facilities in over 60 countries and they have been committed to research and development for many years to create lenses that meet the needs of the customer and are comfortable to wear. 

From daily disposables to other products such as colour-enhancing lenses and reusable contacts, Alcon/Ciba Vision provide a wide range of products for all types of patients. They have lenses that are suitable for long or short-sightedness, as well as more specific prescriptions such as presbyopia or astigmatism, ocular allergies and dry or sensitive eyes.

Why use Dailies contact lenses?

If a maintenance routine is something you don’t want to take on or you don’t have the time for, disposable lenses are the perfect choice. Dailies are one of the best options on the market, and whether you choose Focus Dailies All Day Comfort, Dailies Toric lenses or AquaComfort Plus, you’ll benefit from the exclusive and innovative Blink-activated technology which keeps your eyes healthy and fresh. This technology releases the ideal amount of moisture onto the surface of the lens every time the wearer blinks, to replicate how the eyes naturally lubricate themselves. This ensures you have comfort all day long and that your eyes won’t be subjected to redness and irritation after a full day of wearing your lenses. 

Wearing Dailies couldn’t be easier to fit into your routine, making them an ideal solution for people with active lifestyles. Simply insert them in the morning, enjoy comfort and crisp vision all day long and then in the evening, remove them and dispose of the lenses. If you’re someone who travels a lot, enjoys taking part in sports or simply don’t enjoy wearing glasses, Dailies contact lenses are a great alternative.

How much do Dailies contact lenses cost?

Prices for Dailies contact lenses vary depending on the quantity you’re buying, and the type of lens you choose. Costs for Dailies lenses tend to range from £15 to £43 for 30 lenses, which is enough for a month’s worth of wear. Standard contact lenses will be cheaper than specialist prescriptions, such as toric lenses or multifocal lenses, so speak to your optometrist to determine which type of lens you require for your prescription and lifestyle. While the upfront cost of daily disposables can be a little higher than reusable lenses, you also don’t have the cost of cleaning or storing solution to think about which can average out the price.

Can I buy Dailies contact lenses online?

Yes, buying Dailies lenses online couldn’t be easier. You’ll avoid standing in line in queues at your local opticians and can reorder quickly so your lenses come to you when you need them for added convenience. Not only is ordering lenses online easier and less time-consuming but it also can help to save you money. We offer a range of Dailies lenses to choose from, along with countless other brands, with low prices and high quality every time. 

All you need to do is find the contact lenses you want to order using our navigation bar and enter your prescription. From there, you can add your delivery address and payment details, and we’ll take care of the rest. Your lenses will be delivered to your door in a matter of days and you can enjoy wearing contact lenses from leading brands in your specific prescription.

How do I care for Dailies contact lenses?

Since the beauty of daily disposable lenses is that you don’t need to clean them, Dailies are very easy to care for. You simply throw the lenses away after each wear and open up a new blister pack the next time you want to wear contact lenses. This keeps your lenses fresh and clean for every wear and minimises the risk of an eye infection. Your lenses are stored in blister packs that keep them submerged in saline solution so they’re always clean and moist, ready to wear. 

You won’t receive instructions on how to care for and store your Dailies lenses as it won’t be required with this type of lens. However, you should always ensure that your hands are thoroughly clean and dry before inserting or removing your lenses, and that you never rewear your contact lenses. Storing and re-using your daily disposable lenses can increase the risk of an eye infection, so only wear each pair of lenses once and then dispose of them.

What alternative brands are there?

If you are unsure if Dailies lenses are right for you, there are alternatives to suit you instead. 

1 Day Acuvue Moist lenses are a great option that are easy to insert and provide lasting hydration as well as UV protection. They’re a great lens for people with active lifestyles and the LACREON technology provides a layer of moisture to keep the lenses comfortable to wear all day long. 

Clariti 1 Day lenses are also comfortable to wear, made from silicone hydrogel that allows for greater levels of oxygen to reach the eyes. These lenses have a WetLoc technology to keep your eyes hydrated throughout the day. 

Alternatively, you may like to try the Softlens Daily Disposables that are made using High Definition Optics to create a lens with an aspheric design. This keeps your vision sharp at all times and the ComfortMoist technology ensures your eyes are always hydrated. 

If you’re new to wearing lenses or new to the idea of disposable lenses, it may be worth speaking to your optometrist to discuss the different options and to check whether daily disposable lenses are the right option for you. These types of lenses are suitable for anyone who doesn’t want to have to worry about cleaning and storing their lenses, or who leads an active lifestyle and wants the convenience that disposables provide.

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