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Clariti Contact Lenses

All Clariti products are made from silicone hydrogel material, providing far greater comfort than traditional soft contact lenses. With contact lenses available in both daily and monthly forms, finding a contact lens to suit your needs has never been simpler. Whether you need Regular Clariti 1 Day Lenses, Clariti Multifocal or Clariti Toric contact lenses, Pure Optical’s range will have the answer.

Meet The Clariti Contact Lens Family

There are many great Clariti contact lenses available for you to get your hands on. Leading manufacturer CooperVision has pulled out all the stops to ensure absolutely anyone can experience visual clarity, with Clariti. Read on to discover the amazing Clariti contact lenses that can be found at Pure Optical:

Clariti Elite:

Clariti Elite contact lenses are monthly disposables that can be worn for 30 consecutive days (providing that you follow the correct care routine). Clariti Elite contact lenses are perfect for those with dry eyes as they feature AquaGen technology, which cleverly retains moisture.

Clariti 1 Day:

Clariti 1 Day contact lenses are a well-known favourite from the Clariti range. They feature a unique WetLock technology that hydrates your eyes, ensuring the lenses remain comfortable all day long. Clariti 1 Day contact lenses are daily disposables, also available as Clariti 1 Day Multifocal and Clariti 1 Day Toric.

Clariti Monthly Multifocal:

Clariti multifocal lenses are also available in a monthly version. Clariti Monthly Multifocal lenses are suited to those with presbyopia who wish to find a cost-effective alternative to daily disposables.

Clariti Toric:

Clariti toric lenses are also available in a monthly version. This once again provides a cost-effective solution, but this time for those with astigmatism. Clariti Toric lenses feature Clariti’s famous AquaGen technology, ensuring your eyes remain hydrated and comfortable.

Clariti XR Toric:

If you’re sat wondering whether you’ll ever find a contact lens to suit your high astigmatism, we’re about to give you some great news. Clariti XR Toric contact lenses are monthly disposables that suit the prescription of even the most complex astigmatism. These lenses are tailor-made to perfection.

Buying Clariti Lenses Online

Buying contact lenses online can be quite overwhelming, especially if you haven’t done it before. Don’t worry, though - you’re just a few clicks away from experiencing the happiness that comes from finding cheap contact lenses with no hidden surprises. Browse our available Clariti contact lenses below to find out more.