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Biotrue Contact Lenses

Claiming to be ‘inspired by the biology of your eyes’, Biotrue are always working one step ahead when it comes to the technology behind their daily contact lenses. Biotrue contact lenses contain an incredibly unique HyperGel system which cleverly mimics the natural water in your eyes, helping to maintain moisture retention. Browse Pure Optical’s Biotrue ONEday range today and never look back!

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The Science Behind Biotrue Contact Lenses

The HyperGel technology found in Bausch and Lomb Biotrue contact lenses is incredibly unique, making it a great selling point for the brand.

To put it simply, HyperGel technology matches the water content in your eyes. The clever technology mimics your tears to provide a hydrating and comfortable experience all day long. As HyperGel technology uses your own biology to make this possible, Bausch and Lomb guarantee that you won’t find a more natural-feeling lens on the market.

Meet The Biotrue Family

Biotrue ONEday lenses are daily disposables, available in a Biotrue ONEday 30 pack or Biotrue ONEday 90 pack. We recommend using the 90 pack if you are familiar with the lenses and know you’ll be wearing them frequently.

We also have Biotrue ONEday for Presbyopia available at Pure Optical. These lenses carry all of the same benefits as standard Biotrue ONEday lenses, but also contain 3-Zone progressive strip technology to provide clarity at all distances. This 3-Zone progressive strip technology is once again unique to the Biotrue brand, making it a must-have for those in need of multifocal contact lenses.

Why Wear Daily Disposable Contact Lenses?

As you can see below, the Biotrue family focuses on daily disposable contact lenses. There are many reasons as to why this is the case. Daily disposable lenses are far more convenient than monthly lenses as they do not require a care routine. Instead of using a cleaning solution at the end of each day, you just throw the lens away, instead. This keeps the health of your eyes strong and your worries at a minimum.

Buy Biotrue Contact Lenses Online

Browse the Biotrue contact lens range below to find exactly what you’re looking for. Buying affordable contact lenses has never been easier.

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