What Teens and Parents Need To Know About Contact Lenses

Many people with vision problems benefit from wearing contact lenses. They are a great alternative to constantly having a pair of glasses sitting on your nose. Teens, in particular, often feel self-conscious wearing glasses and would jump at the chance to wear contact lenses instead.

The good news is that anyone can wear contact lenses. Yes, even teenagers. The deciding factor is responsibility. They do need a little more care than glasses and exceptional hygiene is a must. Many eye care professionals are now prescribing contact lenses to young people from the age of 11. However, this is after considerable consultation with the teen and the parents and there are a few things that are important to know before this decision is made.

Disposable Vs. Reusable

A good cleaning routine is crucial for any users of contact lenses, but even more so for teens who tend to be more active and have more opportunities to get dirty. Even so, reusable contacts, like monthly lenses or daily lenses require a multipurpose cleaning solution and a case. That’s it!

If you’re worried your teen won’t be very diligent at keeping their contact lenses clean, then consider disposable ones. They put them on in the morning, and dispose of them at night. The next morning, they use fresh ones again. Easy!

Will Contact Lenses Be Irritating?

Today’s contact lenses are considerably more comfortable than they used to be. As long as they are inserted correctly, they will barely be noticeable. The first time your teen inserts contact lenses you should be in the presence of your eye care specialist to ensure they have been inserted properly and to check the teen’s vision with the lenses.

The only time your teen may experience irritation with contact lenses if they are using reusable ones and aren’t cleaning them properly, or often enough. If you follow the right care instructions and stick to a good schedule, this problem should not occur.

What About Safety?

Believe it or not, your teen will most likely be safer using contact lenses than ordinary glasses. Teenagers, by nature, are active and as such, like to engage in a lot of activities, including sports. Getting hit in the head with a ball is no big deal, but if your teen is wearing glasses, it can be downright dangerous and painful. The glasses can break and the glass can shatter which is a recipe for disaster. In this case, it can be clear that contact lenses are more appropriate when participating in sports. The worst that can happen if your teen is wearing contact lenses is that one of them will pop out and be lost.

Aren’t Glasses Cheaper?

It’s impossible to compare the costs between glasses and contact lenses. There are cheaper and more expensive alternatives for both of these options. Good quality frames and lenses can cost a considerable amount of money and contact lenses also come in different price ranges, depending on what you are looking for. The bottom line is to evaluate the costs for yourself.

Whatever you and your teen decide, the most important thing to do is discuss your options with your eye care specialist to see which method of corrective eyewear is best for your teen.