Wearing Coloured Contact Lenses This Halloween? Check Out These Safety Tips

Coloured contact lenses are the perfect finishing touch to any Halloween costume. Whether you’re planning to be a devil with red eyes or a ghost with misty grey contact lenses, the possibilities are endless!

While coloured contact lenses are great for cosmetic purposes, they still need to be treated just like any other type of contact lens. Within this guide, we will take you through some coloured contact lens safety tips to ensure you have no extra fears this Halloween.

Are Coloured Contact Lenses Safe?

Contact lenses that are properly prescribed and looked after are perfectly safe to use. However, unfortunately, some untrustworthy suppliers sell cheap coloured contact lenses without getting any type of approval from eye care specialists. This can result in an uncomfortable experience, and in a worst-case scenario, irritable eye infections.

Always do background checks before purchasing coloured contact lenses and use the safety tips in this guide for extra reassurance.

Halloween Contact Lens Safety Tips

Read on to discover several safety tips for coloured contact lenses.

Take Caution When Applying Make-Up

No Halloween costume is complete without a bit of make-up or face paint. If you’re wearing eye make-up, take extra caution when applying it to ensure that you do not get any in your eyes. This will not only be uncomfortable but will also interfere with the contact lens, causing further irritation.

If possible, avoid using make-up or face paint that is loosely pigmented (e.g: glitter). Glitter is at a far higher risk of falling into your eyes throughout the evening, causing havoc with your vision and comfort. If you have no choice but to use products like glitter, apply it carefully and keep it as far away from your eyes as possible.


Shop From Reputable Suppliers

It can be tempting to purchase coloured contact lenses from a cheap Halloween supplier. However, if you’re not asked to enter a prescription, you can’t guarantee that the lenses will be high quality. Instead, shop from a reputable supplier like an optician or online contact lens provider.

Here at Pure Optical, our stock of coloured contact lenses all come from well-known manufacturers that focus on your safety and comfort.

Insert With Clean Hands

It doesn’t matter what type of contact lenses you are wearing - never insert them without washing your hands. When application is unsanitary, bacteria can build up behind the lens, resulting in eye irritation and infections. Wash your hands thoroughly before and after handing the lenses to prevent this from happening.

Never Share Lenses

It might seem like a fun idea to let your friend try out your coloured contact lenses, but to put it simply, avoid doing this at all costs. Bacteria on your lens may result in an infection for the other person; especially if the lens doesn’t get cleaned during the process. If your friend is in need of coloured contact lenses, recommend a place for them to buy some instead.

Never Wear For More Than 8 Hours

The majority of contact lenses can be worn comfortably for up to 8 hours. After this 8 hour window, the lens may start to feel dry and irritable on the eye (unless you’re wearing silicone hydrogel contact lenses that retain more moisture).

To prevent any dehydration, never wear coloured contact lenses for longer than 8 hours. This should give you more than enough time to go trick or treating or have a memorable party.

Don’t Sleep With Them In

It’s all too easy to get into bed after a long night of Halloween celebrations, feeling far too lazy (...or drunk) to remove your contact lenses. However, while oh-so-tempting, this is one of the biggest mistakes you could make in terms of eye care. Sleeping in contact lenses dries out your eyes and allows bacteria to grow, causing infections that could last for weeks. Trust us when we say it’s not worth it.


Follow The Correct Care Instructions

Instead of sleeping in your contact lenses, remove them as soon as you are done and follow the correct care protocols. If you’re wearing daily disposable contact lenses, simply wash your hands before removal and throw them away afterwards. If your coloured contact lenses are monthly contacts, however, clean them in the solution provided and store them properly. This will help to ensure that the lenses are as sanitised as possible for your next wear.

Never Exceed The Lens’ Expiry Date

Just like on food, expiry dates on contact lens packets are there for a reason. This is for your safety. While the actual lens won’t expire, the solution it is kept in will. If you’re digging out costumes from last year and have realised your contact lenses are now out of date, throw them away and purchase a fresh pair.

With these safety tips in mind, nothing is stopping you from having the best Halloween yet. Coloured contact lenses immediately boost your chances of winning a prize for the best costume - so what are you waiting for? Find the perfect colour today and transform your look within seconds.