Summer Make-Up Tips For Contact Lens Wearers

Many people who wear glasses shy away from experimenting with make-up due to feeling like the glasses cover up their hard work. But, thanks to contact lenses, those in need of vision correction can go as bold as they like without any obstacles.

With more people heading outside due to the hot summer months, there has never been a better time to learn some summer make-up tips as a contact lens wearer. Take a look through this guide to discover everything you need to know about creating beautiful looks while still keeping your vision clear and your eyes healthy.

Put Your Contact Lenses In First

As long as you have a steady hand when applying make-up, we recommend to put your contact lenses in before beginning. It’s only natural for your eyes to water when inserting lenses, and if you’ve spent a fair amount of time perfecting your eye make-up, this watering could ruin it in an instant!

Keep Up A Strict Lens Cleaning Routine

If you wear two-week disposable or monthly contact lenses, then it’s incredibly important to keep up with your lens cleaning routine. Storing your lenses in the correct solution and ensuring they’re free of any grime will help to ensure a comfortable and hydrating experience for the whole duration of wear.

This cleaning routine becomes even more important when make-up is involved. While it’s crucial to be extra careful when applying make-up so that it doesn’t go into your eyes, natural fall-out may occur throughout the day. It’s normal for the occasional bit of eye make-up to fall onto your lenses, but if you don’t remove it as soon as possible, you’ll be putting the health and comfort of your eyes at risk.

If you’re a frequent make-up wearer and feel that keeping up with a lens cleaning routine is inconvenient, daily contact lenses are the one for you. These disposable lenses are thrown out after one wear, eliminating the need for any hygiene routine. Many frequent make-up wearers prefer these disposable lenses as they never have to worry about their make-up permanently damaging the lenses.

Wash Your Brushes Frequently

Speaking of hygiene, this is a tip which all make-up wearers should be following. Your make-up brushes build up a lot of bacteria and general dirt very quickly, which is why they need to be thoroughly cleaned every couple of weeks or so. Keeping your brushes clean will help to ensure that no dirt falls into your eyes and onto your lenses when applying make-up.

The best way to clean your brushes is by using a special make-up brush cleaning solution, but if you have none to hand, natural soap and warm water will do the trick.

Stay Away From Loose Pigments

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about eyeshadows with loose pigments. While make-up brands have come a long way since creating eyeshadows which fall onto the rest of your face throughout the day, there are still some products which don’t have the strength to stay put.

Loose pigment eyeshadows will not only dampen your make-up look; they’ll also cause havoc with your eyes. Just one small spec is all it takes to irritate your eyes, leaving you with no choice but to take your lenses out and start all over again. To prevent this nightmare from happening, it’s best to stick to long-lasting eyeshadows and sturdy primers.

Say Hello To Coloured Lenses!

Whether you like to play around with bold colours or would rather stick to neutral tones, coloured contact lenses have the ability to complement absolutely any make-up look.

Coloured contact lenses can either completely transform your eye colour or create a subtle enhancement. We have a huge range of coloured lenses available at Pure Optical, all as to which cater to those with prescriptions and to those who need no vision correction.

Stick With Products That Are Kind To Your Eyes

It’s no secret that some people have more sensitive eyes than others. But, what you may not realise, is that many make-up products have actually been created with contact lens wearers in mind.

Products that are free from fragrance, oils and paraben are far more gentle on the eyes. Look out for ‘free-from’ labels on the packaging to ensure that the product won’t create high levels of discomfort or disrupt your vision.

Never Extend The Recommended Duration Of Wear

As a general rule of thumb, most contact lenses can be worn comfortably for up to 8 hours before it’s recommended to remove them. Some silicone hydrogel lenses can even be worn for up to 16 hours before any discomfort, but it’s always best to check with your optician or a care guide before doing so.

While sticking to the recommended duration of wear is important no matter what, there should be absolutely no excuses to exceed the limit when wearing make-up. Your eyes should have no direct contact with make-up if you follow the tips in this guide, but as mentioned previously, natural fall-out can happen - it’s not healthy to let this sit on your lenses for too long. Keeping your lenses in will promote the growth of bacteria, resulting in nasty infections.

With these make-up tips in mind, you are well prepared to have the best summer yet. Check out this guide for more information on how to take care of your eyes in the summer.