Night Out Survival Guide For Contact Lens Wearers

Although a lot of excitement awaits, getting ready for Christmas festivities can actually be quite stressful. This is particularly true if you wear contact lenses. If you wear them for too long, your eyes might start to feel irritated and become dry. But, with spontaneous outings and long days out, how can you avoid this issue while maintaining crisp eyesight?

This guide unravels five top tips for surviving a night out as a contact lens wearer.

Pack Spare Lenses In Your Bag

It's simple to assume that you'll make it home at the end of the night, but whether the party keeps going or you miss the last train, there are countless reasons as to why you may end up having to stay somewhere overnight.

Just in case this happens on your night out, it's wise to pack a spare pair of contact lenses so that you can put a fresh pair in when morning comes. If you wear monthly lenses, remember to pack your cleaning solution and store them in a case overnight. Remember to never sleep in your lenses!

contact lens solution

Don't Clean Lenses Without Solution

Believe it or not, a lot of people lick their fingers and gently rub their lenses when trying to remove debris. This does more harm than good, however, and may result in more debris being transferred to your eye.

To reduce the risk of infection or uncomfortable wear, only ever wash your lenses in their assigned solution. If you wear daily disposables, never reinsert a lens once it has been taken out. Instead, replace it with a fresh one to maintain proper hygiene.

Change Your Lenses If They Feel Dry

Lenses can be worn for different lengths of time; it entirely depends on the wearer and brand.

If your lenses become uncomfortable due to your eyes being dry, use eye drops to rewet them or simply take them out. However, don't leave your glasses in for too long. If you need to take a break from wearing your contacts, switch over to your spare pair of glasses; the photographs would have undoubtedly all been taken by now!

Don't Rely On Water

You can expect to find bacteria sitting in most types of water. For this reason, don't wet your lenses under the tap or take a shower at your host's home while leaving your contacts in. Bacteria can infect your eye if stuck to a contact lens, leading to nasty infections and sometimes loss of sight.


Never Sleep In Lenses

Let's be real here - most of us have slept in our contact lenses at some point or another. However, this is not ideal. The lens might stick to your eye; removing it can damage the delicate layer of skin that protects your eye and prevents harm.

When wearers of contact lenses sleep, less oxygen can reach the surface of the eye. By the time you wake up, your eyes will be crying for air. That is why it's critical not to sleep in your contacts and then wear them the next day; when you awake, use eye drops to loosen the lenses, then remove them (after washing your hands).

Contact lenses will be sure to make the party season all the more easier, and with these tips in mind, your eyes will remain healthy and fresh. Always remember to take your lenses out immediately if they are causing any trouble and never wear them for longer than the recommended hours. Enjoy your partying!