How To Take Care Of Your Eyes In The Summer

The summer months are full of long hours in the sun and high levels of heat. While these two things create the perfect excuse to have a carefree adventure, they can seriously damage your health if protective measures aren’t taken seriously. We all know that sunscreen is essential during the summer, but many people don’t realise that their eyes need taking care of, too!

Within this guide, we will be taking you through how to take care of your eyes in the summer. These tips are particularly useful for contact lens wearers who wish to enjoy the sun with no interruptions.

1. Think About Convenience

If you’re jetting off on holiday and worried about overpacking, take time to think about what type of contact lenses to wear. For example, a two week holiday means you would need to pack 14 pairs of daily contact lenses. If you choose to take monthly contact lenses, however, you’ll only need to pack one pair and their accompanying cleaning solution. A small decision like this will go a long way in terms of saving space!


2. Opt For Lenses With UV Filters

Exposing your eyes to the sun for long periods of time can result in some serious damage. The harsh UV light may result in:

  • Cataracts (clouding of the eye)
  • Corneal sunburn
  • Skin cancer (around the eyelids)
  • Pterygium (the growth of conjunctiva or mucous membrane over the cornea)

These issues are often irreversible, making it all the more important to protect your eyes from UV light while you’ve still got the chance. Luckily, this can be done easily, thanks to wearing sunglasses with UV protection and contact lenses with a UV filter.

Due to being such an important feature to have all-year-round, you’ll be able to find a pair of contact lenses with UV filters in no time. Here at Pure Optical, we have a huge range of contact lenses with UV filters, suiting daily and monthly wearers as well as those with astigmatism contact lenses or multifocal needs.

3. Be Cautious In Water

Unfortunately for lens wearers, jumping into the pool or sea on a hot summer's day requires a bit of forward-thinking. Coming into contact with water while wearing contact lenses can result in a very uncomfortable experience; the lenses will often change their shape and may even fall out, leaving you with blurred vision. In a worst-case scenario, harmful bacteria may end up trapped under the lens, resulting in a nasty eye infection that will ruin your summer.

To prevent the above disasters from occurring, it is best to go lens-free when swimming. If you feel uncomfortable with poor eyesight, however, it is recommended to wear daily contact lenses alongside swimming goggles to ensure that no water reaches your eyes. Daily contact lenses are favoured in this situation as they must be disposed of after one wear, eliminating the risk of any contamination.

4. Avoid Afternoon Naps

Let’s be real here - there’s no better feeling than coming back from a day in the sun and having a nap. However, while the sun makes us extremely tired, sleeping with contact lenses in is a huge red flag. Frequently falling asleep with your contact lenses in can result in infections. You’ll also find that your eyes dry out during the nap, making your lenses uncomfortable to remove afterwards.

If you accidentally fall asleep with silicone hydrogel contact lenses in, then don’t worry. These lenses contain far more moisture than traditional lenses, allowing your eyes to access more oxygen. While there’s absolutely no exception to sleep with lenses in, you’ll be at a lower risk of infection if you accidentally slumber with silicone hydrogel ones!


5. Stop Rubbing Your Eyes

The majority of us rub our eyes without even noticing, but when you have contact lenses in, this is a recipe for disaster. One small rub will result in your lens knocking out of place and your vision becoming blurred. No one wants that!

As tempting as it may be to rub your eyes, try to avoid doing so as much as possible. You’re far more likely to have sun cream or salt on your hands during the summer months - your eyes will certainly find this out the hard way. Instead, blink quickly to try and relieve the irritation.

If you’ve tried blinking to stop the irritation but have had no luck, consider using an eye bath solution to remove any debris.

Enjoy Your Relaxing Summer!

While it can be frustrating to keep eye care at the forefront of your mind, it’s important to plan accordingly so that you can enjoy a relaxing summer without a worry in the world. A small bit of preparation will go a long way, and thanks to our extensive range of affordable contact lenses, you can get everything you need right here! From the packing process right through to enjoying the summer sun, we’ve got you covered.