Festival Tips And Tricks For Contact Lens Wearers

Festivals are usually one of the main events that make summers worth remembering. Whether you’ve waited years to watch your favourite band play or you just love the festival vibes, there’s no greater time to let your hair down and enjoy the experience.

For those in need of vision correction, however, going to a festival for a long weekend can bring some problems to the table. You put yourself at a very real risk of losing or breaking your glasses, making it far more practical to wear contact lenses instead. However, hygiene is key with contact lenses, and maintaining hygiene at a festival isn’t always easy. Read on to discover some festival tips and tricks for contact lens wearers.

Why Wear Contact Lenses At Festivals?

Before we enlighten you on seven tips and tricks for contact lens wearing, let’s discuss why contact lenses are the preferred form of vision correction at a festival. The following list provides you with just a handful of reasons why you should consider ditching the lenses this festival season:

  • Glasses are far more likely to break or go missing
  • Glasses are prone to smears - resulting in blurred vision
  • Contact lenses eliminate any worries associated with losing your glasses
  • Having several pairs of contacts is cheaper than having multiple pairs of glasses
  • You can wear whatever sunglasses you like when wearing contact lenses

For more information, check out this guide on why contact lenses are better than glasses in the summer.

1. Use Antibacterial Wipes Before Inserting/Removing

We all know that hygiene goes out of the window when camping at a festival, but for the sake of keeping your eyes healthy, keep your hands clean. While it’s much better to wash your hands with soap and warm water before inserting/removing contact lenses, this can be pretty difficult to access at a festival. Instead, stock up on antibacterial wipes and give your hands a good scrub before handling the lenses. Pay close attention to your fingertips and nails as this is where most of the bacteria will live.

Handling lenses with unclean hands can result in a huge range of problems, including eye infections, blurred vision, discomfort and red eyes. Don’t forget to keep your hands clean!

2. Pack A Small Mirror

To assist with inserting/removing your lenses, pack a small travel mirror for the festival. Travel mirrors can be small enough to fit into even the tiniest of bum bags, making them perfect for easy transportation. Inserting lenses can be quite the fiddly task, but with help from a mirror, you’ll have full confidence in ensuring a successful experience.


3. Bring Your Contact Lens Solution

If you wear monthly contact lenses, don’t forget to bring your lens solution with you. It’s vital to store your lenses in solution when you aren’t wearing them, otherwise, they may dry up or become home to nasty bacteria. Store your lenses as you usually would when at home and never skip a cleaning routine purely because you’re at a festival. Your eyes will certainly know about it if you keep inserting the same grubby lenses.

4. Wear Daily Disposable Lenses

If keeping up with a lens cleaning routine while at a festival sounds like hard work, why not switch to daily disposable contact lenses, instead? These types of lenses are considered to be more hygienic, making them perfect for a festival setting. You won’t have to worry about keeping them clean as you just have to throw them away after wearing them. This is particularly ideal for those camping for days on end with very little light to guide them through the cleaning process at night time.

5. Bring More Than Enough Lenses

Festivals can be unpredictable places; whether a drink is unfortunately thrown over your head or you misplace a few items, there’s a very high chance that your vision may take the hit. To prevent yourself from having to survive the festival with blurred vision, be sure to pack more than enough lenses to carry you through the weekend.

The great thing about lenses is that they don’t take up too much room, meaning overpacking on them won’t be an issue. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and when it comes to your vision, you can’t really afford to take any risks.

6. Stay Away From Festival Paint

There’s something about festivals that makes everyone want to cover their face in paint and glitter. But while this may add some fun to your day, your eyes and skin may suffer. Most of the paint used for festivals is made from chemicals that are harsh to the skin. Those with sensitive skin may find themselves coming up in itchy rashes. Not only this, but if the paint is applied near the eyes, you may have a horrible reaction. It’s not wise to wear contact lenses when your eyes are irritated, meaning you’ll have to go back to the stresses of wearing glasses at a festival. Is it really worth it?

If you are set on wearing some festival paint, stay away from applying it too close to the eyes for safe measure. Always wash your hands straight after applying the paint and, whatever you do, don’t rub your eyes!


7. Put Your Glasses Somewhere Safe (Use Them As A Backup)

It’s safe to say that wearing contact lenses at a festival is far more convenient than wearing glasses. However, if for some reason you start to feel discomfort with your lenses, it’s wise to have a backup pair of glasses to hand. Store these glasses (in a case!) somewhere safe and keep them stowed away until you actually need to wear them.

Watch Your Favourite Artists With HD Vision

Festivals require a lot of preparation, especially if you are camping. However, the planning is 100% worth it once you’re there. There is no experience quite like seeing several artists in the same weekend - especially when you have crisp vision!

With these seven tips and trips in mind, there is absolutely no reason as to why you won’t have the best weekend ever. Just remember to stay hydrated at all times and wash your hands at every given opportunity!