Can Contact lenses Cause Headaches?

Contact lenses have become a great alternative to wearing glasses. Apart from being inconspicuous, they are also convenient, especially when you need to attend special events. As fantastic as contact lenses are, they do come with their drawbacks. One drawback that is commonly associated with wearing contact lenses is headaches. However, there are usually reasons for the onset of headaches with contact lens use and fortunately, in most cases, these issues can be corrected.

Incorrect Prescription

One of the most common causes of headaches with daily lenses is an incorrect prescription. A good optician will not give you a contact lens prescription, but from time to time it can happen. If your contact lenses are too high or too low you will find yourself straining to see correctly. It is this strain that will be the major factor behind your headaches. If you are struggling with vision problems after getting contact lenses, go back to your eye care specialist and get your vision checked again.

Incorrect Fitting Lenses

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to contact lenses. Prescriptions are one thing, but size also matters when it comes to contacts. Over time your contact lenses or coloured contact lenses can dry out and stiffen which will cause irritation. The irritation will cause eye strain which could end up as a nasty headache. If you suspect your contact lenses have lost their shape or weren’t the right shape to begin with, make an appointment with your eye care specialist to have this problem rectified.


If you’ve been wearing contact lenses for several years and suddenly find yourself suffering from headaches, there is a chance that your current prescription has become outdated. As we age, the muscles around our lenses get weaker. This results in a condition called presbyopia. It causes long-sightedness and often results in headaches as we try to focus on objects that are no longer clear.

For this reason, it is recommended to have your eyes tested every year or two. The purpose of regular eye tests is to detect any changes to your vision. Depending on your age and eyesight, you may benefit from multifocal contact lenses that will help you with any near or long-sighted problems. Once you have the correct prescription and are no longer straining to see, you’ll probably find the headaches will be gone.

Dryness of the Eyes

Many people with dry eyes suffer from headaches. This can be due to certain medications, a dry environment and other causes. Contact lens wearers often have dry eyes and the accompanying headaches. When we blink we are actually moistening our eyes and this prevents irritation. However, wearers of contact lenses suffer from dry eyes a little more frequently. As long as your prescription is correct, you can avoid dry eyes with eye drops. Talk to your eye care specialist if you are experiencing headaches from dry eyes and discuss the best way to prevent them. The best lenses we recommend for dry eyes are the oasys 1 day & oasys 1 day for astigmatism or clariti 1 days and clariti 1 days torics.

Give It Some Time

If you’ve just recently changed the prescription for your contact lenses, or you’re using them for the first time, a little bit of an adjustment period may be necessary. Your eyes are learning to refocus with the new lenses so a little bit of eye strain may be unavoidable. This eye strain may bring on a headache. Give yourself a few days to adjust to your new contact lenses. However, don’t wait too long. If you don’t experience an easing of headaches within a few days, or if the problem doesn’t ease or cease, arrange to see your eye care specialist again and even your doctor to make sure there are no underlying problems.

If you suspect you are getting headaches from your contact lenses, don’t give up and switch to glasses too quickly. Most of the time, even if the headaches are related to wearing contact lenses, they will disappear in a short amount of time or can be rectified with a thorough eye examination. If you take the proper precautions and care, you’ll be rid of the headaches in a short amount of time. If you’re not sure of the reason for your headaches, seek the advice of your health care and eye care professionals.