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Two Week Contact Lenses

Weekly contact lenses are the perfect medium between dailies and monthlies. They are ideal for those who don’t want to spend too much time on a care routine but also want to save some money. Our 2 week contact lenses, also known as bi-weekly contact lenses, will stay comfortable for a fortnight before needing to be replaced with a fresh pair. Shop now to find popular brands like Acuvue Oasys!

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About Weekly and Two Weekly Contact Lenses

Designed for weekly and fortnightly wear, weekly and two weekly contact lenses provide up to 14 days of wear with comfort and clear vision. A simple cleaning routine is all that’s needed to keep your lenses hygienic and comfortable for up to two weeks. We offer a wide range of brands to choose from, so you can find the ideal two weekly lenses for your prescription, lifestyle and budget, from toric lenses to multifocals and standard contacts.

Benefits of wearing two weekly contact lenses

There are several benefits to choosing two weekly contact lenses. They are a cost effective option, as they come in packs of six which means you’ll have three months’ worth of lenses which makes them cheaper than daily contact lenses. If you’re looking to keep the cost of wearing contact lenses down, weekly and two weekly lenses are a great option. There’s also less waste with this form of contact lenses, as you’ll have fewer blister packs to deal with which means less lenses to store and a better option for the planet. 

Since you’re not keeping your lenses for as long as you would with monthly lenses, there’s also a reduced risk of eye infections developing. Your lenses will be kept cleaner and more hygienic, with an easy maintenance routine, and after 14 days of wear, you simply throw them away and open a fresh blister pack. 

Best selling and popular weekly and two weekly contact lenses

Acuvue Oasys – Acuvue Oasys lenses are designed for people with dry eyes, with Hydraclear Plus technology that helps to retain moisture for longer. This keeps your eyes hydrated and healthy, and with the addition of UV blocking, they’re the perfect choice for people with active outdoor lifestyles. 

Acuvue Advance – Acuvue Advance are breathable lenses which allow for more oxygen to reach the eyes for increased comfort for your entire wear time. These lenses are made from a silicone hydrogel that’s soft and flexible, providing a secure fit and complete comfort as well as clearer vision. 

Acuvue 2 – Acuvue 2 are the perfect choice for first time lens wearers, with a high level of comfort and a handling tint that makes them easier to insert and remove. The 3-2-1 indicator makes insertion a breeze, and they allow up to 88% oxygen to reach the eyes to keep your eyes healthier and more comfortable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes weekly and two weekly so popular?

Anyone in need of vision correction can benefit from weekly and two weekly contact lenses, with a range of lens options to correct short and long-sightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia. With two weekly lenses, you’ll wear them for up to 14 days, cleaning and storing them in between wears, then discarding them and opening up a fresh blister pack. They’re best suited for people who wear contact lenses on a regular basis to help you get the best value for your money. If you’re cost-conscious, but you want the feeling of wearing fresh lenses more regularly than you’d get with monthly lenses, two weekly lenses are the perfect compromise. 

While monthly lenses are cheaper, two weekly lenses are more hygienic as you’ll be replacing them more regularly. There’s less risk of eye infections so they’re a healthier choice, particularly if you have sensitive eyes, and since most two weekly packs come as packs of 6 lenses, you’ll have a three month supply each time. Two weekly lenses are a versatile and affordable solution that are comfortable and healthier for the eyes.

Why should I use weekly and two weekly contact lenses?

The main reason that people choose weekly and two weekly lenses is that they offer the perfect compromise between monthly and daily lenses. You don’t need to worry as much about infections or bacteria build up, as you’re not keeping your lenses for as long as you would with monthlies, but they are more cost effective and better for the environment than daily disposables. 

With two weekly lenses, you get great value for money and clear vision, with less chance of your lenses wearing out as you’ll only have them for 14 days and then you’ll replace them with a fresh pair. Weekly contact lenses give you an affordable option and there are several high quality lens options from leading brands that provide you with comfort, healthier eyes and clear vision.

How much do weekly and two weekly contact lenses cost?

The cost for two weekly lenses varies depending on the quantity you buy and the brand you choose. Costs range from £17 to £30 for a pack of six lenses, which is enough for three months of wear. Two weekly lenses are more affordable than daily disposable lenses, but cost more than monthly lenses, so they’re a good balance between the two.

What is the difference between weekly and two weekly contact lenses vs other contact online?

Weekly and two weekly lenses are used for up to 14 days, and they have similarities to monthly lenses in that you’ll need to clean and store your lenses after each wear. While daily disposables are thrown away after each wear, and a fresh pair of lenses used the next time you want to wear contact lenses, bi-weekly lenses are stored in a lens container in between wears and after the 14 day period is up, you’ll throw them away and get a fresh pair of lenses to start the process again. 

They are considered to be more hygienic than monthly lenses as you’re not keeping and wearing the same pair of lenses for as long, but they are more cost-effective than daily disposable lenses which can be more expensive as you’re buying more lenses for the month. If you’re someone who wears contact lenses regularly but you like the feeling of a fresh pair of lenses, or you have sensitive eyes, bi-weekly lenses can be a great compromise.

How do you wear and care for weekly and two weekly contact lenses?

Weekly and bi-weekly lenses are easy to care for but they do require some attention and a small but vital maintenance routine. You need to clean and disinfect your lenses before you put your lenses back in, to remove bacteria and protein deposits which can build up on the surface of the lens. Your eye doctor can advise you on the best cleaning solution for the type of lens you have and based on if you have any sensitivities or allergies. 

In most cases, your care routine will involve you cleaning and drying your hands thoroughly before touching your eyes or your lenses, removing the lens and carefully rubbing a small amount of contact lens cleaning fluid onto the surface of the lens to remove any dirt or debris, then putting it in your lens holder and filling with fresh contact lens solution. When you’re ready to wear your lenses again, simply wash and dry your hands and remove them from the container and insert as normal. You shouldn’t swim or shower with your lenses in and, unless advised by your optician, you shouldn’t sleep with your lenses in.

How long do weekly and two weekly contact lenses last?

Weekly and bi-weekly lenses last for up to 14 days and depending on the brand you choose, some can be worn continuously for this time with the approval of your optician. After the 14 day period, your lenses need to be thrown away and you will open up a new blister pack for a fresh pair of lenses to last you another two weeks. This means that you need to clean your lenses in between wears for the 14 day period, as you would with monthly lenses, to keep them hygienic and comfortable to wear. 

If you find that you don’t wear your lenses every day, or you like the feeling of a fresh pair of lenses every day, you may prefer to try out daily disposable lenses instead. Alternatively, if you don’t mind the care routine required and want your money to stretch further, monthly lenses are a great option that are affordable and ideal for regular lens wearers.

How do you store weekly and two weekly contact lenses?

Weekly and two-week lenses that you’re in the middle of wearing are stored in a lens container which is filled with contact lens solution to keep them free from bacteria and hydrated, ready for the next wear. It’s important that your lens container is cleaned regularly and replaced every couple of months to prevent the build up of bacteria. Unopened lenses are stored in blister packs which have a small amount of solution in them to keep the lens soft and moist, ready for your next wear. Weekly and bi-weekly lenses tend to come in packs of six which provides you with up to 3 months worth of lenses, making them a convenience and cost-effective option if you’re someone who wears lenses regularly. 

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