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1 Day Acuvue Moist for Astigmatism (30 Lenses)

1 Day Acuvue Moist for Astigmatism

1 Day Acuvue Moist for Astigmatism contact lenses are daily disposable contact lenses specially designed for those who have astigmatism. These lenses are manufactured by leading brand Johnson & Johnson and are an extension to the incredibly popular Acuvue Moist range.
1 Day Acuvue Moist for Astigmatism lenses are particularly great for those with dry eyes or those who are looking for a more natural, comfortable lens-wearing experience.

Who Are These Lenses Suitable For?

As the name suggests, One Day Acuvue Moist for Astigmatism lenses are designed for those with astigmatism. No matter the strength or number of lenses needed, Acuvue Moist lenses for Astigmatism will be sure to get your vision as clear as possible.

Pure Optical recommends these lenses for the following people:

  • Those who have astigmatism (this can be in one eye or both)
  • Those who need new lenses that will remain comfortable all day long
  • Those who prefer wearing contact lenses to glasses
  • Those who live an active lifestyle and need a convenient vision correction solution

Key Features

  • Daily disposable lenses
  • Made from Etafilcon A (which has a water content of 58%!)
  • Lacreon technology to keep the eyes hydrated
  • Stabilising technology that adjusts to your eyes in just 60 seconds
  • UV protection to guard your eyes against harmful rays

Benefits of Wearing 1 Day Acuvue Moist For Astigmatism

Absolutely anyone, no matter what their vision correction needs, can enjoy the great benefits that come with Acuvue Moist contact lenses. Check out some of the top benefits below:

Non-Stop Comfort: Thanks to being made from Etafilcon A and having Lacreon technology, these lenses will remain comfortable all day long. They won’t stick to your eyes like traditional lenses, and instead, will stay moist for the whole duration of wear.

Eye Protection: Protecting your eyes from UV light is important, and with help from the UV filter on these lenses, its never been easier to do so. Don’t forget to wear sunglasses on super sunny days for extra protection.

Convenient For Busy Lives: Daily disposable lenses cut out any inconvenience which comes from a lens care routine that you'd get with monthly contacts. Simply dispose of the lenses once you are finished with them and open up a fresh pack on the next day. No more travelling with lens solution or worrying about misplacing a lens!

Learn More About Acuvue Moist Technology

The Laceron Technology found in these lenses aims to keep your eyes hydrated no matter what - making 1 Day Acuvue Moist Astigmatism toric contact lenses perfect for those with dry eyes. This wetting technology works by creating a small amount of moisture under the lens, ensuring that any irritability or sticking doesn’t occur.

These lenses also have Eyelid Stabilising Technology; a must-have for those with strong astigmatism. This technology ensures the lenses don’t slip around throughout the day. It's also worth checking out the sister product from Acuvue, the Acuvue 1 Day Oasys and Acuvue Oasys 1 Day Astigmatism.


More Information
ManufacturerJohnson & Johnson
Material58% Water + 42% Etafilcon A
Type of lensDaily Soft Contact Lens
Handling TintYes
UV-A/UV-B protectionYes
Usage instructionsDaily disposable, single use. Replace each day
Contents30 lenses per box

Customer reviews


72 reviews

  1. Verified Buyer

    Great online company

    Great contact lenses, I have been using Pure optical for over 3 years now, always great service from them
  2. Great company with great prices

    Pure Optical are the first company I go to to purchase my contact lenses. They are efficient with very competitive prices.
    My lenses are sometimes out of stock but I was sent some trial lenses free of charge to tide me over until my lenses were delivered. Great customer service and would highly recommend.
  3. Great experience!

    Easy to order and quick delivery. Just the thing I needed whilst running out of my existing supplies. Recommend pure optical 100%!
  4. First choice

    They were out of stock of one of my lens prescriptions however they emailed to tell me a replacement using their trial lens packs would be sent with the original order in the meantime - really appreciated.
    Great communication and service, will continue to use pureoptical :)
  5. Multi focal lenses

    Excellent quality lenses and great delivery service. Highly recommended!
  6. Great lenses, great service

    I have been wearing these lenses for years and they really are comfortable and convenient. Because of my high prescription I struggled to find a reliable supplier. Pure Optical have always been able to supply and are great to deal with. I totally recommend them.
  7. Superb for Lenses

    Been with Pure Optical for years ! Reliable, fast, good value ! Great customer service! Would highly recommend
  8. Great pair of soft easy-on-the-eye lenses.

    Comfortable and easy to place contacts. Cheaper than most astigmatism brands, so cannot complain! But is still pricey but makes you look good.
  9. Great prices great service

    I have an ‘awkward’ prescription and I always buy off these guys. If there are any delays in supply they always let me know and try to keep me going with samples until more stock arrives. Communication is always prompt and helpful. I recommend them.
  10. Best Lenses

    Every 3 months I order these lenses because they are the best lenses I have had. My optician even says that he cannot match the price I am getting for them at Pure Optical! They arrive fast and fit through the letter box, so no need to be in! It's so easy to do and I always use my points each order which gives me money off. Highly recommend.
  11. Verified Buyer

    Excellent service

    Bought these for my son, needed a service that would send the lenses rather than having to collect them on a monthly basis from our opticians. Arrived in good time and no issues. A good service overall.
  12. Verified Buyer

    Great product

    Great lens, have been using them for years, never any issues.
  13. Verified Buyer

    Excellent Value Lenses

    Fast delivery and great value. These lenses are extremely comfortable. Very pleased with the service from Pure Optical here.
  14. Verified Buyer

    Reliable, Perfect Service

    Pureoptical have always been the no.1 i use. Always competitively priced and fast delivery!
  15. great value

    These lenses are very comfortable, I can wear them all day, and are great value
  16. Excellent pricing and quick service

    Have been using pure optical for 3 years, always priced cheaper than the big retailers and have always had a smooth reliable service
  17. Good, but is uncomfort just through infrequent use?

    I've been using these lenses for quite a while now on the advice from my opticians these were ideal for my needs. They seem fine, although as I use fairly infrequently, as only usually use for sport, I find my eyes do get uncomfortable so am usually glad to be able to remove them once I've finished my activity and to pop my glasses back on. My regular optician has advised this is most likely due to infrequent use so my eyes aren't well accustomed to wearing contacts. When away on Read morea "beach/pool" type holiday I do tend to wear everyday and all day and don't seem to recall having the issues then (or to a lesser effect at least). Service from Puee Optical always extend efficient.
  18. Great service and product

    I love using Pure Optical for my lenses. They always have stock, arrive quickly and the points system is always useful making them often the best value online,
  19. 1 day Acuvue moist astigmatism

    Competitive price plus delivery. Delivered within an acceptable time. Site easy to use, cannot fault
  20. Verified Buyer

    A good brand

    A good brand, confortable to use. A site clear and efficient to use. Prices are good and deliveries are always fast. I recommend 100%.
  21. Brilliant

    I always use Pure Optical, I have researched and looked around, but never found better for both service, price and products
  22. Verified Buyer


    Good product. Not drying. I've tried a few brands and these are the best torics
  23. Verified Buyer

    Great prices

    Love Pure Optical. Best prices for genuine products!
  24. Verified Buyer

    Great order

    Great service and a nice to surprise to see I had existing reward points on my account
  25. Verified Buyer

    Great lenses

    Best lenses I have used,Don’t even know their in.
  26. 1 Day Acuvue Moist for Astigmatism (30 Lenses)

    Excellent service and speedy delivery!
  27. Okay Lenses

    I have been using these lenses for a while. They seem more dry and not as comfortable as they used to be and I now need to apply dry eye solution containing sodium hyaluronate onto the lenses before putting them into my eyes.

    However, the quality is good and my vision perfect.
  28. Active 1 days astigmatism lense

    I’ve been Using these lenses for two years at least from pure optical and the service is outstanding and the lenses fit like a dream
  29. acuve

    I've tried differed lenses, but there are the best so far. They are comfy. Easier to take out than put in because they're so soft. Can wear them 5h before needing eye drops.
  30. Well fitting, comfortable lenses

    These lenses are well fitting, really comfortable and fantastically priced.
  31. great product great service great value

    I've been using Pure Optical for several years and have always been highly satisfied with the service, the products, and the price.
  32. Easy to use

    Perfect fit and so much more comfortable than monthly contacts
  33. Superb lenses

    Brilliant lenses, really comfortable for a full day of wear, don't dry out like other lenses and very good vision for an astigmatism lens. More comfy and better vision than any other monthly's I've tried.
  34. Good overall.

    They're a bit fiddly to get used to. Once you get used to using them, they're fantastic. It feels like I'm wearing nothing and my eyes are not irritated by wearing them at all.
  35. Good overall.

    They're a bit fiddly to get used to. Once you get used to using them, they're fantastic. It feels like I'm wearing nothing and my eyes are not irritated by wearing them at all.
  36. Great lenses with the odd faulty one

    I love these lenses and have worn them for years with no issues. Every now and then you get a faulty one which is misshapen or even missing entirely from the pack. But not often. Generally comfortable to wear and reliable
  37. Good lenses

    Good lenses, very comfortable- I can wear these for about 12 hrs with no problems- which is about as long as I've lasted with any lens.
  38. Excellent

    Lenses arrived quickly and with a little surprise inside the box. Will definitely be using the service again.
  39. Excellent customer service, great company to purchase from

    Having been ordering my contact lenses from Pure Optical for some time and find them to be very efficient at dispatching the lenses and their customer service is excellent. Their lenses are much more affordable compared to purchasing from the opticians and the quality of the lenses are excellent.
    I would not purchase my lenses from anywhere else, highly recommend Pure Optical!
  40. Excellent Price and Service

    I was very happy with the price and speed of delivery. Thanks.
  41. Brilliant lenses

    Very pleased with my lenses, very comfortable and good quality
  42. Ace

  43. No Issues

    Great lenses, no issues whatsoever. Always well packaged and delivered in good time from Pure Optical.
  44. I can see clearly!

    Contact lenses at a reasonable price, fast delivery, I've been using Pure Optical for a few years now. Reward points a bonus. Great all round service.
  45. Great breathable lense for all climates

    I suffer from dry eye but these lenses have been so comfortable to wear East to forget you're wearing them!!!
  46. Prompt and best price

    These contact lenses are very comfortable, they are very floppy when you try to put them in and fold over easily. However, once in, they are worth the extra effort for the comfort.
  47. Excellent dailies for very dry eyes

    It took a lot of lens trials and an excellent lenses specialist to finally find these lenses for dry eyes. Good at keeping oxygen travelling to the eyes and dry eyes as moist as possible throughout wear. I would never go back to monthly or toric lenses after experiencing these Acuvue Moist lenses.
  48. Fantastic

    Great value for money and really good quality contact lenses
  49. I recommend

    Hi All,
    I would like to truly recommend pureoptical
  50. They perfectly meet my needs

    As a person who doesn't wear contact lenses daily, I found these to be perfect for my needs.
    These lenses are comfortable, albeit prolonged usage leaves me with red eyes when compared to their monthly counterpart.
    However, considering my usage pattern, they are overall cheaper and I don't need to buy extra solution and carry them in a case.
    I am satisfied and they are probably the most comfortable daily lenses I have ever tried.
  51. Look no further!

    I just love how quick and simple it is to order (and re-order) my lenses! ...and you get a little goodie inside the box when they’re delivered. Talking of delivery, they always come next working day without fail! Awesome! Great work guys!
  52. really good quality and value for money

    was worried that itd be quite expensive to get astigmatism contacts but was pleasantly surprised by these that they arent too much more than normal ones (which i need for my other eye), they are really comfy and havent ever had problems with them irritating my eyes. would recommend!
  53. Barely noticeable

    I used to have a problem with dry eyes with my older contact lenses, making me anxious about the time I was wearing them each day. I had to try and put them in as late as possible to get through the working day. I don't have any issues with these at all though. I can put them in straight out of the shower, go to work and even go out afterwards without worrying. I have had to start setting reminders on my phone to take them out as I may not notice otherwise. Can't fault them.
  54. Excellent quality

    These are the only lenses I will wear, I have never had a problem with them and they are very comfortable, the price is great and are delivered safely.
  55. Great service and lenses perfect

    These moist lenses for astigmatism are the only lenses that I can wear comfortably, they don't dry out or move around your eye - highly recommended
  56. Loves them!

    Have been using this brand of lens for several years now! I usually wear lens 3/4 times a week and have had very little problems with these lens! Nice and moist!
  57. Wagner

    Five Stars product and service, very good quality lenses!
  58. A great lens

    I've found these lenses extremely comfortable, even for all day use. Even if I haven't used lenses for a while I have no bother with these when I do use them and don't really notice them.
  59. Great single use lenses

    I've been using these lenses for many years now and are great. I tend to use them for sports mainly, so ideal to just pop in then throw out after - no faffy solutions overnight etc!
    I've also been purchasing from Pure Optical for quite a long time now and their price and service is always excellent, no complaints so far!
  60. Acuvue moist for astigmatism.

    Really good lenses. Easy to put in. All day comfort. Good price and fast delivery from pureoptical. Recommended.
  61. Acuvue moist astigmatism

    Comfortable all day.
  62. Great comfortable lenses

    Great comfortable lenses. Pure optical always deliver them safely and quickly to me.
  63. Great value, love the product

    Have been reordering these for so long that I can’t remember when I started! Great brand and a super company to buy from, always very speedy deliveries and good prices.
  64. Performs as expected

    Solid set of lenses. If you're like me and don't wear lenses all the time, days 1 and 2 will hurt your eyes a little sore towards the end of the day, and blood shot. But afterwards you quickly get used to them
  65. Really great and comfortable

    These lenses are really easy to use and place in the eye. They are really comfortable all day - staying moist with no irritation even when worn for extended periods. I don't want to use any other brand and highly recommend them
  66. Great lenses

    Always happy with my lenses. They are comfortable, good quality and suitable for all day use.
  67. 1 Day Acuvue Moist for Astigmatism

    Fabulous service, very quick turnaround - good price - would recommend
  68. Only ones I’d use

    These contacts are comfy, easy to put in / take out, don’t make my eyes dry and are of a consistent quality - I wouldn’t switch to another brand.
  69. Excellent value

    Great value lenses and quick delivery
  70. Excellent lenses and service

    Have been using pure optical for our lenses for 2 years. Best prices and service out there. 5*
  71. Loyal Customer

    Have been ordering from Pureoptical for years. Very fast and reliable service. I’ve never had any issues with the Lenses. Very comfortable. Easy to use everyday. Website is easy to use to reorder. Great loyalty scheme! Definitely recommend pureoptical!
  72. Quality and good price

    Can keep them in all day with no problem. Good quality and best price I've seen online.

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